Gili Water Taxi

Gili Water Taxi

Gili Speed Boat offer a water taxi service between Lombok and the Gili Islands and between each of the Gili Islands

The water taxis are local speed boats departing from the main harbours on each of the Gili Islands.The boats take a maximum of 10 passengers. 

During the booking process, you have the freedom to choose your departure time. Your adventure, your schedule!

Note: An additional charge of 100,000Rps will be charged on all transfers before 7 am. All transfers after 6:00 pm will have an additional charge of 50,000Rps. These charges can be paid directly to the boat Captain on the day of travel.

Gili Water taxi

Speed Boat from Lombok to the Gili Islands

The boat departs from Teluk Kodek. The Teluk Kodek harbor is just 10-15 minutes away from the Gili Islands and 90 minutes from the Lombok airport.

Route Duration (aprox.)
Teluk Kodek - Gili Trawangan 10 - 15 Minutes
Teluk Kodek - Gili Meno 08 - 12 Minutes
Teluk Kodek - Gili Air 10 Minutes


Lombok to gilis

Speed Boat between each of the Gili Islands

The speed boats leave from the main harbours on the Gili Islands. The travel time ranges from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your chosen route.

Route Duration (aprox.)
Gili Trawangan - Gili Air 10  Minutes
Gili Trawangan - Gili Meno 5 Minutes
Gili Meno - Gili Air 5 Minutes


Gili Water taxi

Gili Water Taxi

Boat Specifications and Facilities

Material:  Alloy
Length:  5.00 m
Width:  2.00 m
Engines:  x1 Suzuki Engine 200 HP
Speed: +25 knots
Capacity:  8 passengers
Navigation: Compas 3", GPS Samyung N700, Radar Samyung SMR-3700 colour radar, Echo Sounder Furano
Comms: 1 unit Radio Marine type IC M304 ICOM, FM Transceiver IC-2300H ICOM, 3 unit VHF Transceiver IC V80 ICOM
Safety Equip: Life Jackets Under Seats, First Aid Kit, Fire extinguishers
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